• Affiliation No.1030410

Rev. Sr. Priya Therese

Principal's Message

Education is the most rewarding sector to be in. Sophia Convent Sr.Sec. School was founded in 2002 under the patronage of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Khandwa by his Grace Arch Bishop Leo Cornelio SVD. The school is administered by the Catholic Religious Sisters belonging to the Congregation of the Sisters of Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore.

The School has been recognized by the Directorate of Education and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In keeping with its motto: "In Pursuit of Wisdom", the school imparts not just intellectual knowledge but also gives due importance to holistic development of the students.

In the present context when the winds of globalization, consumerism, individualism, fundamentalism, cut-throat competition and deterioration of the Environment take a heavy toll of the cultural, moral, and spiritual fiber, the school steps in to liberate the 'Y' generation from these sinister influences by instilling in them the values of God Experience, Communion, Collaboration, Team Spirit, Respect for Life and awakening of Ecological Consciousness, Respect for Cultures and Religions and above all love for the Nation.

We firmly believe that each Child is a rich mine of valuable treasure. The school through its Co-Curricular activities, Sports and Games, Scouts and Guides, Clubs and House System taps the latent potentialities to prepare the leaders of tomorrow to build a progressive India.

As educators our primary duty lies in the timely guidance of the young minds entrusted to our care to move from:

- Dissipation to Discipline
- Exclusiveness to Inclusiveness
- Distraction to Concentration

Given a congenial atmosphere to observe, introspect and focus on the realistic goals in life, students can bring about a transformation in the society and march ahead on the road of achieving higher levels of Excellence.